Beauty and the Buffet

I recently got into flipping furniture. Just for myself. I’ve taken a few pieces from around the house and given them new life. But this was my first project where I sought out a new piece to turn it into something I really wanted.

I found this beauty on Craigslist for just $65!

Buffet Before
I bought this beauty off of Craigslist for just $65!

This was my biggest project so far!

First job was getting rid of those feet.

I was having a little trouble cementing my vision, so I decided to break out the photoshop skillz. This was my mockup.

I was having trouble coming up with a plan, so I had to break out the photoshop skillz.

Once my vision was clear, I got to painting. I chose to go with a Behr paint, NYPD. I know that regular wall paint is not the proper or best choice for furniture. But it’s just for me, and I wanted something durable and reasonably priced.

Started drooling a little when I installed this hardware. I had to deviate from my mockup hardware because of the hole distances. I didn’t feel like filling and re-drilling new ones.

Drooled a little while installing this hardware.

In the end, I am super happy with how she turned out! We needed a larger buffet/bar in our dining room, and I think she turned out pretty gorgeous! What do you think?

Here she is! I am so happy with how she came out.
Finished buffet!
I love her and she looks great in our dining room.

What sort of piece should I try next?

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