Best game ever!

Holy crap! That was so freaking intense! Miami vs. FSU season kickoff game tonight had me biting my nails the whole time. But I loved it. Very reminiscent of my first ever Miami football game. Which was also against FSU. It was my freshman year, and I was actually a park of the Miami marching band. Scared to death to go on that field, in front of the most packed stadium I’d ever seen. But it was a rush. And boy was it worth it when Devon Hester made like at 80 yard touchdown! (If my memory serves me right. I’m not checking my resources on this one). We beat the crap outta the Noles that night, and from it came the birth of my Hurricane pride. From that moment on, I bled orange and green. (Not sparkly like those crazy girls they kept showing tonight). And tonight was like a transfusion. After 3 pretty crappy seasons, things are off to an amazing start for the U. I can’t wait to see how things will go this season. But even if we lose every game from here on out, just being able to say we beat FSU tonight will be enough til next year.

And I can’t even IMAGINE the parties I will be missing tonight….oh how I miss the U!

Jenny Dougherty | Creative Director