I want to take a page from Katie’s
blog and start setting monthly goals for myself. I’m already required
to set goals for leadership at work, but most of those are larger or
ongoing. I like the idea of setting some simpler, short-term ones also.
So let’s do July!

  • Get my ring repaired. – My parents bought me this awesome ring when I graduated college, and the band recently broke. 🙁
  • Finish my project for my dad’s birthday in time for his birthday. – Can’t really give any details on this since it’s top secret. But if I get it done, it’s gonna be good.
  • Design 10 new cards for How Awcard.Since Mothers/Fathers day are out of the way, our card sales need to be focused on Birthdays, Thank Yous, etc.
  • Attend 1 concert. – This shouldn’t be hard since a friend’s band
    is playing on the 19th, but I still want to try and go see live music
    somewhere every month.
  • Go walking with Heather every weekend (Except this holiday weekend). – Last
    weekend we went walking around Spain/Veterans Park. I really enjoyed
    it. And it’s nice having a girl friend to talk to every once and a
  • Get rid of half of the tshirts in my closet. – I seriously don’t need that many.
  • Spray paint a shelf I bought two months ago. – I bought the spray paint at the same time. I’m just lazy.
  • Only drink caffeine twice a week. – I’m way too dependent on coffee and soda. But damn, I love some coffee in the morning.
  • Start redesigning my website. – This is going be ongoing, but I need to get a game plan in place.

We’ll see how this goes! Stay tuned!

Jenny Dougherty | Creative Director