iTunes makeover

Come this May, the chains that tie me to using an iPod will disappear, but will that matter at all?

iTunes currently has it so that most of the music you purchase through them can only be played on an iPod. Unless you buy the “iTunes Plus” version, which is basically a DRM-free version of the song. (Meaning you can use it anywhere, on any device that plays MP3s). However, by May 2009, all songs on iTunes will be iTunes Plus material. Also, they will be dropping prices of some songs to $0.69 and raising prices of newer releases to $1.29. This is all really interesting to me. I’m not sure if they’ll see a drop in purchasing of popular songs (doubtful), but they will def. see a surge in purchasing of the cheaper ones. And they’ll gain a whole lot more customers now that their clientel isn’t limited to people who own iPods.

Does this mean that I’m going to go out and buy a Zune or Creative Zen player instead? Hell no. Apple is still pretty superior in my mind. It’s just nice to know I now have the option to switch if I ever wanted to. (But seriously, why would I?)

Jenny Dougherty | Creative Director