So someone said I should start writing more in here…

instead of just posting pictures and videos. But I can’t help it. I’m a visually-driven person. I do, however, appreciate the art of writing, though I don’t consider myself good at it.

Anyways, so today I went to see my mother graduate for her second masters degree. I pretty much loath graduations. They are one of the most boring things I can imagine doing. Sitting through a ridiculously long ceremony, just to briefly see a friend or loved one walk across a stage, hear their name called out over a sound system. I hate subjecting people to such torture on my behalf. I’d rather not even be there myself when I’m the one receiving the degree. But alas, the things we do for the ones we love.

I think besides the absolute boredom and seemingly endless time frame of these ceremonies, my absolute biggest pet peeve is the complete disrespect people show during the event. I’m specifically talking about this whole scenario where the school is calling out names, rapid-fire, as people sprint across the stage, shaking hands left and right, trying to get through 300 names in less than an hour. They ask at the beginning of the ceremony that you hold all applause and cheering til the end of the procession, so that all names can be heard and blah blah blah.

But every single time I have endured one of these events, there are always those asshole people that insist on cheering when their loved one’s name is called out. It ranges from a solitary “Whoo!” to a whole ghetto scream-fest. I can’t help it, but it pisses me off to no end. The idiocy shown by these people, who insist on showing their family pride, or defying all authority just to do whatever the hell they want, just to show they can. It makes me so mad. Every person in the audience is sitting there, waiting for one minuscule collection of seconds, just to hear that name called out. It’s the one second that makes the whole endeavor worthwhile. And these jerks insist on making some people, who’ve sat there for hours, miss their one moment, drowned out by “That’s my baby!” or “Hell yea!”

Stupid jerks. Learn from respect. Like your family-member who just earned their degree, grow a brain.


And yay Mom! I’m so proud of you!

Jenny Dougherty | Creative Director